Packaging and Branding

Packaging and Branding information for Cedar Lake


Pack Sizes & Private Label for Every Need.

Our Augusta and Mount Comfort brands represent the highest quality product for each product specification. Our packaging capabilities include retail, food service and industrial pack sizes which allows us to service any and all customer needs. We can also pack private label for any product that we supply. 



Augusta Granulated Sugar is made from cane syrup, refined and dehydrated. The fine granulation gives a smooth texture and dissolves rapidly, making it suitable for bakery, drink mixes like cocoa, ice tea, or coffee, dry mixes and coating. Our brand uses only the most trusted Mexican mills. 

20/2lb Bags10/4lb Bags8/5lb Bags • 4/10lb Bags25lb Bags • 50lb Bags • 2200lb Totes

Augusta Pinto Beans are a medium-sized, oval shaped bean with a mottled beige and brown skin, an earthy flavor and powdery texture. Most often used in refried beans, and great for Chili, Tex-Mex, dips and Mexican bean dishes.

1lb • 2lb • 5lb • 10lb • 25lb – 50lb • 100lb

Augusta Brand White Rice is the highest quality long grain enriched rice. It is color-sorted, double-water polished and delicious in any rice dish.You can be assured of superior quality with Augusta Brand.

20lb Bag  •  25lb Bag  •  50lb Bag  •  2000lb Tote  • Bulk Hopper Car

Our Mount Comfort Coffee is sourced and roasted by a few of the most influential and well respected individuals in the coffee industry. Our goal is to reward the grower for the quality of their coffee by paying a worthy price and also have enough efficiencies in the supply chain that we can sell great coffee for a reasonable price to our customers.